Personal Information

Name: Paul Grenfell
Profession: Creative Developer
Nationality: English
Contact: evilpaul @ evilpaul.org


Senior Software Engineer, Nov 2016 – Present

  • Part of small team designing and building a completely new, cloud based architecture, built on top of legacy embedded systems
  • Developed new systems across multiple languages and technologies
  • Led R&D into core areas such as messaging, logging and testing
  • Learned several new technologies and passed these learnings on to the rest of the team
  • Worked as Scrum Master with a development team based in two countries

Technologies used include:
Python, JavaScript, C++, Node, Linux, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Micro-Service Architecture, RabbitMQ

disguise (formerly d3 Technologies)
Senior Software Engineer, May 2012 – Nov 2016

• Maintained and upgraded critical networking systems
• Identified problems in and improved legacy GUI systems
• Designed and implemented new core systems with conflicting user requirements
• In-depth control of external systems through OSC, MIDI, DMX and Telnet
• Investigated and resolved user issues with complex recreation steps
• Improved development process by implementing standard best practices
• Identified gaps in the development team’s skill set and recruited staff to fill those gaps
• Remote and on-site support of customers on high profile projects
• Problem solving and development of interim solutions in high pressure situations

Technologies used include:
C++/Visual Studio, Python, Microsoft Windows, DirectX, HLSL, Qt 5, sockets

Interim Technical Director, Jan 2012 – May 2012

• Implemented agile and development best practices
• Introduced source control and developed coding standards
• Oversaw software and hardware R&D projects as well as guiding overall R&D direction
• Managed internal development teams and external contractors
• Guided and mentored developers
• Led development of iOS project for major UK record label

Projects included:
Ninja Jamm – iOS music software for Ninja Tune

Technologies used include:
C++/Visual Studio/XCode, iOS, OpenFrameworks, Cinder, PureData

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Senior Programmer, Dec 2008 – Dec 2010

This role involved both R&D and prototyping of new game mechanics in advance of major PlayStation 3 and Vita releases. Working largely as the sole coder in a small team, I have been developing software to short and demanding deadlines with presentations of concepts and completed work to senior executives from the global territories

• Developing new core gameplay mechanics
• Designing and testing new game concepts using rapid prototyping techniques
• Troubleshooting existing gameplay mechanics and concepts
• Managing creation of art and audio assets
• Creating milestone definitions and work schedules
• Troubleshooting and roll-out of SDK updates across the team
• Designing and implementing bespoke visual scripting language for major PS3 title
• Introduced and facilitated use of online scripting documentation to design teams in order to improve their working processes
• Implemented agile and rapid prototyping best practices
• Researched and developed new user generated content solutions

Technologies used include:
C++/Visual Studio, Lua, PlayStation 3, Sony Vita, Microsoft Windows, Maya

Denki (winner of TIGA Best Developer award for 2007)
Senior Programmer, Aug 2006 – Nov 2008

This role involved taking internationally recognised IPs from initial client briefs to final commercial release as well as providing end-to-end coding for each project including gameplay and user interfaces as well as development of tools and engines.

• Designing and prototyping gameplay mechanisms and rapid prototyping of new game concepts
• Managing content generation process, including creating templates for artists, level designers and scripters and ensuring technical feasibility of final content
• Reviewing development process to identify and implement improvements to be integrated into overall company practices
• Managing memory budgets and resource limits for projects within hardware capabilities as well as creating project schedules
• Design and development of game engines and systems for use in multiple projects

Technologies used include:
C, C++/VC++, DirectX, Lua, Windows, XBox 360, Wii, 3DS Max

Projects included:
Quarrel – Unreleased XBLA title
Shrek The Third – OpenTV platform for Sky Games service
Lego Castle – OpenTV platform for Sky Games service
Ben 10 – OpenTV platform for Sky Games service
Robotboy – OpenTV platform for Sky Games service
Polly Pocket Wheels – NDS MediaHighway platform for DirecTV

Real_Time_Worlds (Contracted by Microsoft)
Senior Programmer, Jun 2005 – Aug 2006

I was part of a small team brought in to bring this project to conclusion by troubleshooting the existing processes and code systems as well as developing new AI and gameplay systems.

• Provided scripting tutorials and guidelines to game designers not experienced with scripting
• Promoted usefulness of online documentation including automatically generated content
• Coordinated resources from other team members
• Retraining mission design team in essential programming skills
• Designed and implemented core AI mechanics
• Developed QA and testing tools for gameplay systems

Technologies used include:
C++/Visual Studio, Lua, XBox 360

Crackdown – Xbox 360 – Winner of two BAFTAs (five nominations)

Climax Development, Solent Studio
Senior Programmer, Jun 2000 – Jun 2005
Programmer, Nov 1998 – Jun 2000

• Designing, developing and deploying several game scripting systems, both graphical and text based
• Managing and scheduling the programming team including preparing milestone deliveries and final product submissions
• Working with design teams to implement gameplay systems
• Coordinating work from and provided support for design, art and audio departments
• Leading design and coding of user interface systems
• Ensuring projects delivered within technical requirements of platform manufacturers as well as guidelines and constraints of IP holders
• Implementing all levels of game systems from low level hardware interfaces to high level game control
• Evaluating and reporting on new hardware platforms and game ideas
• Designing and implementing both stand-alone development tools as well as plugins for industry standard tools
• Managing localisation of projects across multiple territories

Technologies used include:
C++/Visual Studio, Lua, Windows, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, XBox, Gamecube, 3DS Max

Projects included:
Crusty Demons Freestyle Moto-X – Xbox & PlayStation 2
Serious Sam: Next Encounter – GameCube & PlayStation 2
SpongeBob SquarePants: Super Sponge – PlayStation
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue – PlayStation
Theme Park World – PlayStation

Digital Integration
Programmer, Mar 1997 – Nov 1998

• Reproduced military-spec aviation systems in a game environment
• Liaised with art department to produce detailed and authentic cockpit simulation

Technologies used include:
C, C++/VC++, Windows

F18 Super Hornet – PC

Sonda Aviation
Programmer Sep 1996 – Mar 1997

• Porting of existing software to new hardware systems
• On-site installation and integration of software and hardware
• Design and implementation of cross-platform networking systems

Technologies used include:
C, C++, Unix (SGI & QNX)

Update of commercial flight simulator for Finnair

Demoscene – Ate Bit group

I enjoy being an active participant in the European Demoscene and regularly enter competitions, for which I have received many awards. My work has also received media coverage in European-wide publications and I have worked as a commentator on live TV and internet radio on a number of occasions for the biggest Demoscene event in the world.

Also, I have given explanatory talks about the Demoscene for the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the University of Abertay and for the Futuresonic festival in Manchester.

Language experience

C, C++, C#, Lua, Java, Javascript, HTML, Python, Processing, Perl and Assembler (Z80, 68000 and Intel x86)

Platforms worked on

Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Wii, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, OpenTV, NDS MediaHighway, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX (BSD, Linux, SGI Irix, QNX), ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Game Boy Advance and Dreamcast

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