Demoscene 01


It used to be a fairly regular event: gather a group of friends together, post-pub, at the house with the biggest projector screen we could find and watch demos. I’d always end up as the curator, either choosing the demos myself or interpreting the calls of the audience (“Show us that cool new 64k one!”). It was a little like DJing I suppose, and I’ve always enjoyed doing that too.

Since then I’ve always wanted to take things to a bigger stage and introduce the demoscene to a wider audience. I even had wild ideas of projecting MFX demos (like A Deepness In The Sky) on to the sides of buildings just to mess with people’s heads…

Luckily, I no longer have to think about resorting to such guerilla tactics. The University of Abertay in Dundee have very kindly agreed to lend me one of their cinema rooms, and I’m taking the opportunity to run a little demoscene outreach event there. So, on Friday the 6th June, I’ll be showing some of the best and most accessible demos from the past few years and giving a bit of a background talk in a shameless attempt to get more people interested in the demoscene ;)

Once the event is over, I will post details of the demos shown. Wish me luck!

[edit] Here’s a picture of the back of the flyer with a map to the venue. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge it.


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