Another day, another game..

Last Saturday we held the second Dundee Jam. This is an event where a bunch of slightly foolhardy developers gather together to create games in the space of a single day. The theme for the Jam this time was “build”.

Below you can see a screen grab from my days work – a game called “Up The Garden Path”. It’s very loosely based on the game of Dominoes, with the aim being to build a path from the start line to the finish by matching the colours on the Domino pieces.


I’m pretty pleased with it for a days work. It’s a fun little game but it’s not going to set the gaming world on fire. However, with a few more levels and some more features it could be a lot of fun.

Download the game here: Download the game

I’ve also made the full source to the game available, so you can see just what a days coding looks like. It also provides an example of how to program my free 2D games engine, the Jam Engine.

You can find the full story and all of the other games over on the official site: Dundee Jam website (LINK NO LONGER EXISTS)

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