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Authentication and Encryption with ZeroMQ

ZeroMQ is great. The ZeroMQ guide is even greater – in fact it’s a great read even if you don’t plan on using ZeroMQ. But if you try to code something that isn’t covered in the guide then things can … Continue reading

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JavaScript Simple Demo Framework

I’ve been thinking about “gamejams” lately, and how to change things slightly to make a “demojam” – a one or two day event where a bunch of people get together and make demos. One of the big problems I noticed … Continue reading

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Fingers Of Doom – Another PETSCII piece

Ok.. so here’s something that I completely forgot about – Fingers of Doom! It’s another online PETSCII animation in colaboration with Raquel Meyers. Music this time from Dan Brännvall and my JavaScript animation player was based on the C64 code … Continue reading

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Ten Years, Two Demos, One Demoparty

At the recent Sundown demoparty I released two new Ate Bit demos – one for PC and one for ZX Spectrum. 0xAnniversary First up is the PC demo, 0xAnniversary. The title is a pun on the the hexadecimal code for … Continue reading

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Omega Balls – Realtime Graphics Shot Breakdown

Here’s a realtime audio-visual experiment that I made recently. It’s a bunch of glowing balls, synced to the majesty of 4Mat’s track, “Omega”. A few people have asked me how I made it. The short answer is that the video … Continue reading

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Demos We Care About

Demos We Care About is a daily feed of demos that someone, somewhere, cares about. The goal is to share the best, most interesting, most loved demos to a wider audience. There are two in fact two main audiences for … Continue reading

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Is this Animal Romantics?

Last week saw the release of Animal Romantics, a browser-based audio visuals project created by myself, Raquel Meyers and Goto80. The project is essentially a music video for a song but, unlike a streaming video on YouTube, the whole thing … Continue reading

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Quick and simple Javascript debugging for webpages

I was recently trying to debug some Javascript code in a webpage that was having problems on certain combinations of OS/browsers and I needed to quickly find out why. The difficult bit was that it was my test users who … Continue reading

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AteBitVJ spotted in the wild

Two weeks ago, at the Sundown demoparty in southern England, I took AteBitVJ out for a spin. Actually, it was two spins.. VJing for Hoffman and then Savannah, both of Unstable Label. Both played pretty hard breaks, with Hoffman demonstrating … Continue reading

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Demoscene at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

On Saturday the June 29th, at 11am, in a small basement room at Edinburgh’s Traverse theatre I gave a talk on the demoscene at the 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival. Entitled “An Introduction To The Demoscene – The Best Digital … Continue reading

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