Hello World!

Luc Tay Patterson Grenfell born 18th Feb, 2009 at 2:10am weighing 8 pounds and 9 ounces. Mum and baby doing well. Dad incredibly proud :)

(click on the thumbnails for bigger pics)

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7 Responses to Hello World!

  1. Chicknstu says:

    Daawwwww, you have the same hairstyle…

  2. IanK says:

    To quote the missus:


    Congrats guys, and lolz @ “Tay” :-)

  3. icabod says:

    Congrats indeed – it’s been about two weeks now, hope you’re all doing well.

  4. Oh shit, man, CONGRATZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. sim1 says:

    Congratulations for your wife and you. And the baby =)

  6. syphus says:

    Congratulations! Dare you to name him ‘parapete’.

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