Game Developer Magazine

Yay. Grab the May edition of Game Developer Magazine and turn to page 5. There you’ll see an editorial piece on the 2010 awards written by me :)

I’m really pleased that this has come about as I’ve been a fan of GD mag pretty much since I started working in the games industry back in 1997. The magazine is run by UBM, who also produce the mighty Gamasutra and the even mightier (and not just because I occasionally write for them!) GameSetWatch websites.

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2 Responses to Game Developer Magazine

  1. HoTWire says:

    Simon who is running things over there is an old school UK scener, but then I guess you know that already :)

  2. Truck says:

    Crap, can you get me a copy?

    Seeing as how, you know. I. Well. I’d like to read it, if only to see what you had to say about how miserable I was at organizing it (:

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