Best of the 2009 Demoscene

I’ve been writing the odd small piece for GameSetWatch recently. This site is a weblog run by the staff of Think Services Game Group. No, I don’t recognise the name either. But I do know the names of two of their most important services: Gamasutra and Game Developer Magazine. Both of these stand out in the game development industry as excellent resources and I’ve been a fan for over a decade. It’s a real honour to now be writing for their “alt.videogame” site.

I’ve recently started a round up of the 2009 demoscene on GSW. This is quite a large topic so it’s been split up into several, smaller pieces. Here are the two articles that have been published so far:

Special: The Best Of The 2009 Demoscene, Part 1 – Demos

Special: The Best Of The 2009 Demoscene, Part 2 – 64k and 4k

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