Bite This!

Whenever I’m writing a demo (or a game, or anything) I usually collect copious amounts of reference material. Some of this directly influences my work, some of it doesn’t. The stuff that isn’t of immediate use often gets lost and forgotten, and I find this a shame – sometimes, maybe months after discarding an idea, a use for it will pop into my head.

I’ve had it in mind for a while now to start a site where I can collect these pieces of inspiration together in one place, to create an archive that I can browse back through when I’m in need of a creative spark. And now, finally, I’ve created as a place to do just that. In case you were wondering, the name is slightly tongue in cheek – in rap parlance bite means to copy or steal someone’s style, particularly their lyrics.

So, aims to be a catalogue of inspiring videos, pictures, interviews, music, games and, well, anything else that either influences me or makes me want to create something. The aim is to post one inspiring thing every single week day.

It’d be rude if I failed to mention Matt Simmonds at this point – the initial germ of the idea for the site came when he and I were swapping references for demo design. Matt has already been very active in helping me collect enough material to get the site started. Thanks Matt!

So please check out the site, and I hope that it proves as inspiring for other people as it does for me. 

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