Pimp My Actual Spectrum

Well who’d have thought it? My Pimp My Spectrum demo has actually been ported to run on a real Spectrum! Here’s the video of it being shown at the Sundown 2010 UK demoparty where it took second place in the Oldschool Demo competition:

Ok… so it’s not really been ported – that would be impossible without actually, well, pimping a Spectrum. What you see in the clip above is a 50fps video (with three of the original six channels of audio) streamed onto a real Spectrum from an MB02 interface connected to an IDE hard disk.

The demo was crated by LaseQ with help from Gasman, MikeZT and icabod. The source, uncompressed video stream came from a special “frame dumper” version of the original demo that I provided to LaseQ.

In other Pimp My Spectrum news.. an article that I wrote a couple of years ago about its creation has finally been published in the latest edition of Zine. You can read it here!

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