Pimp My Chips…….. finally!

I’ve been working on this ( not so ) secret side-project for quite some time now. I think it may have started as far back as 2005. At that time it was going to be a cross-platform ( OSX and PC ) musicdisk with tracks from UK scene artists. Over the years the project has changed considerably, but some things have remained – most of the code from that first version still exists in the final build, the bespoke scripting language that makes the product highly data-driven has remained and the desire to release a musicdisk packed with excellent music has never waivered

So what have I ended up with? Well.. I have a PC musicdisk that I am extremely proud of, containing 11 absolutely awesome covers of pop songs all performed on the sound chip from a ZX Spectrum. The four artists who contributed these tracks have provided some amazing material and it really is an honour to distribute them in this way. I hope you enjoy listening to these tunes as much as I have

Pimp My Chips

Check out Pimp My Chips on Pouet: Pimp My Chips on Pouet

Or head straight here for the direct download: Pimp My Chips direct download


The vtx files are now available here

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8 Responses to Pimp My Chips…….. finally!

  1. FOB says:

    Listening to the tracks now and grinning from ear to ear. Thank you!

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  3. Googlywaa says:

    Well done me dears!


  4. Dylan Smith says:

    Any chance of versions of these that will run on a real Spectrum 128? I’d love to show off the real hardware with these tracks – they are awesome.

  5. evilpaul says:

    A lot of these tracks I only have as vtx files. I’m sure there must be a vtx player that works on real hardware.. but a quick google doesn’t reveal anything :/

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  7. […]I found this last night and just HAD to post it on here. This one’s definitely for nostalgia freaks. It was even mentioned in Computer Music’s tracker section.[…]

  8. Carbon- says:

    Any chance of a release of the VTX files for us poor Mac users please? Audio Overload can playback VTX files.

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