Pimp My Spectrum

Just got back from the Breakpoint 08 demo party in Germany. Around 30 UKSceners turned up and a great time was had by all. The best part for me though was winning the PC 64k demo competition with the Ate Bit demo “Pimp My Spectrum”.

Find the demo on Pouet: Pimp My Spectrum

Or grab it directly from here: Direct download

What makes this demo a bit different is that it is essentially a tricked out Spectrum emulator and a demo combined into a 64k. Stay tuned for more info on how that works but for now you can check out a brief overview by reading the accompanying text file. You can find this either in the downloadable .zip file or by clicking on the [nfo] link in the top right of the Pouet page.

As you may have guessed – this isn’t *all* my own work. Massive thanks to Mofobaru for the tune, the two Andys (both from Denki) for 2D and 3D graphics and Diver (from 4th Dimension) for the marvellous picture that you see above. Without them this demo could never have been made.

PS: At the time of writing, out of all (just under 100) of the Breakpoint 08 prods that have been added to Pouet, Pimp My Spectrum is the 5th most “thumbed up” and the 6th most popular =)

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