and Ray Marching

I’ve taken a little break from Flash and gone off to play with ray marching – an optimised form of ray tracing. I started off using the GPU, then ended up with a nice little Processing sketch that I’ve uploaded to Open Processing allows you to share sketches with others and is a great place to pick up inspiration and learn – every sketch uploaded includes full source code, easily browsable on the site.

(click on the picture to run the sketch)

Be sure to play around with the F and M keys to get a look at what the sketch has to offer.

I’ve put a couple of my older sketches up there too. So why don’t you head on over to browse my portfolio and view, comment, favourite and remix the sketches.. or whatever it is you crazy kids do on that site :)

When I’ve got some time spare I’ll add a post here about the sketch, and maybe show some of my GPU work too.

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