It’s still fairly secretive and hasn’t been seen in public yet but my latest project, AteBitVJ, is coming along nicely. The aim of AteBitVJ is to take the best bits of some of my previous works (my demoscene output, my Processing experiments and music visualistations and a bunch of my other, non-public, experiments) and wrap them up into a real-time VJ app. The unofficial tag line for the project is “no loops allowed”, meaning that it’s not a VJ program for playing video loops – pretty much everything is generated (and tweakable) in realtime.

The whole project aims to be highly customisable and highly controllable. The interface is a little like a cross between Photoshop, After Effects and Resolume. Visuals are created by blending multiple layers of modules (video input, particle effects, images, 3D scenes, etc) on top of each other, and those layers can have multiple effects (bloom, noise, threshold, glitch, etc) applied to them. You can drive any of the visual parameters directly using the UI, or from audio input, LFOs, OSC or MIDI. I’ve been using my trusty Korg Nano most of the time, but I also had some fun hooking up a Wii controller via GlovePie. Recently I’ve been eyeing up the Launchpad that’s sat on the shelf in the office..

Right now the project is unfinished but in a pretty good state – the vidoes are captures of the app being played live. I’m actively looking for either a musician or an event to partner with so that I can take this to the next level – using it to create live visuals. If you’d like to get involved, give me a shout! I’m based around London UK if that help ;)

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  1. Knos says:

    Looking good! :)

  2. jefftheworld says:

    Looks incredible. Are you planning on releasing this as a commercial project, open source or what?

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