So here’s a little ZX Spectrum platform game prototype that I threw together at the end of last year. After getting so far into the project I decided that it wasn’t worth continuing with – too big a project, not enough time and I couldn’t find any artists or level designers to help out with the workload.

Anyway.. cut to now and I’ve finally got around to packing up the source code (and the tools to build the thing) and releasing it. Feel free to grab it and do with it what you will.. within reason of course! ;D

You can grab the .zip file from here. If anyone wants to take up the challenge of finishing this thing then go for it! :)

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3 Responses to ZXGame

  1. Eq says:

    Looks a tiny bit like Dynamite Dan and Heartland. Did you advertise for artists and designers somewhere? I never heard about it.

  2. evilpaul says:

    Where did I advertise? Maybe not enough places then!

    I asked on WOS. I also had a couple of artists from where I work offer to help out, so I thought I was sorted.. but that never panned out in the end ;(

  3. lzb_j77 says:

    looks good. it is like an old good arcade games :)

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