Fingers Of Doom – Another PETSCII piece

Ok.. so here’s something that I completely forgot about – Fingers of Doom! It’s another online PETSCII animation in colaboration with Raquel Meyers. Music this time from Dan Brännvall and my JavaScript animation player was based on the C64 code from Johan Kotlinski.


The animation data comes straight out of the C64. Raquel entered it using Johan’s noperator and I re-wrote the player part of that in JavaScript. The whole thing didn’t take too long to do and was finished quite some time before it was published in November as part of The Wrong (again) – New Digital Art Biennale. And that’s why I forgot to blog about it when it was released ;)

So what are you waiting for? Go view it online right now!

Also go check out Raquel’s other work on this theme.

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