Edinburgh Interactive Festival

A big hello to anyone visiting here after seeing one of my talks at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival over the past couple of days. I gave two talks at the event. The first, on Sunday 11th, was a one hour screening of demos with a little bit of a talk on the history and background of the demoscene. The second, on Monday 12th, was a half hour screening as part of Channel 4’s Talent Arcade series of talks.

As promised, I’ve collected together the details of all of the demos that were shown in my talks:

List of demos shown on Sunday

List of demos shown on Monday

If you would like to find out more about the demoscene then here are a few sites that you should check out:

demoscene.bitfellas.org – A new demoscene outreach site. We’re currently very much in Beta but keep checking back as we will be starting to add more new content and updating the layout over the next week or so.

demoscene.tv – A bit like YouTube for the demoscene. Here you can check out high quality video captures of some of the best demos, and they can all be watched from within the comfort of your favourite browser.

If you would like to contact me at all about any of this then please just leave a comment on this post. Don’t worry, I’ll moderate out any contact details so they won’t appear on the page ;)

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