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Demos We Care About

Demos We Care About is a daily feed of demos that someone, somewhere, cares about. The goal is to share the best, most interesting, most loved demos to a wider audience. There are two in fact two main audiences for … Continue reading

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Is this Animal Romantics?

Last week saw the release of Animal Romantics, a browser-based audio visuals project created by myself, Raquel Meyers and Goto80. The project is essentially a music video for a song but, unlike a streaming video on YouTube, the whole thing … Continue reading

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Quick and simple Javascript debugging for webpages

I was recently trying to debug some Javascript code in a webpage that was having problems on certain combinations of OS/browsers and I needed to quickly find out why. The difficult bit was that it was my test users who … Continue reading

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AteBitVJ spotted in the wild

Two weeks ago, at the Sundown demoparty in southern England, I took AteBitVJ out for a spin. Actually, it was two spins.. VJing for Hoffman and then Savannah, both of Unstable Label. Both played pretty hard breaks, with Hoffman demonstrating … Continue reading

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Demoscene at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

On Saturday the June 29th, at 11am, in a small basement room at Edinburgh’s Traverse theatre I gave a talk on the demoscene at the 67th Edinburgh International Film Festival. Entitled “An Introduction To The Demoscene – The Best Digital … Continue reading

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AteBitVJ Screenshot Thursday

Time for some pictures of AteBitVJ in action! I thought I would spend an hour or two creating some examples of what this new VJing software can do. All of these images were taken live in AteBitVJ and are presented … Continue reading

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Layers and layers and more layers..

I recently posted a new video of AteBitVJ up onto Vimeo. It’s an interesting one because it shows how a single, pretty basic effect can be made into something much more by applying a few layers of effects. I’m a … Continue reading

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A bit more textmode fun

One of the reasons I wanted to use a canvas (rather than tables of characters) for my textmode library is that is allows you to easily mix in normal 2D graphics and use effects like transparency. This post is a … Continue reading

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Textmode in your browser with HTML and Javascript

Recently I’ve been thinking about making a textmode demo. If I’m honest this happens about once a year, usually when the results of the annual Text Mode Demo Contest come out. I love that TMDC is helping to keep textmode … Continue reading

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VJing with Python?

Time for another update on AteBitVJ. The latest addition to it’s arsenal is the ability to create your own effect modules from scratch. Anyone who knows me or has read this blog will know that I am a big fan … Continue reading

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